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Celebrating This Diwali the Green Way

The joyous occasion of Diwali marks the victory of good over evil. However, the celebration is marred by improper handling of crackers every year. The past couple of years have witnessed smog jammed in the air around the time of Diwali leading to many minor road accidents. However these are the immediate repercussions of our own actions, the long-term effects are graver.

So how do we celebrate this Diwali in such a way that nature is not compromised with in the name of celebration?

Diwali has become synonymous with lighting firecrackers and the festival is not the same if people can’t set off a few loud bangs and light up the whole street. While completely refraining from bursting firecrackers may sound daunting, we can always limit the usage and advise our peers for the same. Thankfully, eco-friendly crackers have been launched in the recent times which are more viable alternatives to the conventional firecrackers.

Festive celebration calls for gift exchange among relatives and visiting each other’s homes. It forms an integral part of our culture. It is appealing to see gifts stacked on the table and the exhilaration of opening the wrapping papers only to see them being dumped in the garbage later on and getting piled in landfills. On that note, it is advisable to go for more eco-friendly gift-wrapping options: cloth, brown paper, newspapers to name a few. These days, owing to the technological innovation, many reusable bags manufacturers are heaving in sight in the market. Companies like ZEDPACK produce a wide range of non-woven gift bags that are better options than the short-lived gift wrappers and plastic gift bags. The non-woven bags by ZEDPACK are trendy, durable and can be customised. By getting a message inscribed on the bag, you can make your relatives feel extra special on this festive occasion. In this way, you can have a perfect balance between celebration and being at par with the nature.

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