Reusability – the biggest factor driving the non-woven bag market

Reusability – the biggest factor driving the non-woven bag market

Reusability – the biggest factor driving the non-woven bag market What makes your brand stand out? Although there might be different answers to this question, depending on the situation, a default answer could be ‘customer satisfaction’.

There are various aspects that can draw customers towards your product. Product quality, its usability, and much more. However, the first thing that a person will notice is the packaging that your product is being carried in.
For any brand, a re-usable, high strength packaging is an add-on factor. A customer will appreciate your product’s packaging in the same manner they love your product if you give them something that can be used over and over again.

At Zedpack, we believe in providing our customers with non-woven bags that are not only fashion-forward but also last longer, compared to their paper and plastic counterparts.

We understand the need for a brand handing out reusable bags to their customers. This not only builds a reputation for being a brand that believes in serving their customers but also makes an impression of being environment-conscious.

Also, Zedpack makes sure to deliver these reusable bags in superior quality. All our bags are made from polypropylene, which is a reusable and strong material. It is comfortable to carry and soft like a cloth.

Be it a small retail store or a world-renowned brand, Zedpack has something for all. We know what it means to give your customers something that lasts long. Our bags come fitted with handles that are strong and durable too. Unlike plastic bags, Zedpack’s non-woven bags are strong enough to carry heavy stuff, besides being reusable. Where a plastic or paper bag might tear apart if any heavy product is put in them, Zedpack’s non-woven bags are manufactured in a way to bear the load.

Our bag range caters to a big segment, ranging from products like jewelry to pulses and more, we have it all covered. Following are the three major categories that Zedpack produces bags in:

Non-woven carry bags
D-cut bags, loop handle bags, bottom gusset loop handle bags and a lot more come under this category. All these bags are perfect for varied uses.

Non-woven box type bags
The bag range under this category includes shimmer non-woven bags, BOPP non-woven bags, metalized bags and more. These bags offer ample space and are multipurpose at the same time.

Non-woven packaging bags
Pesticides, rice, pulses and other such items can be packed using these bags. For products that fall under the daily usage category of any consumer, it is imperative that the bags they have are re-usable and also strong and durable.

One of the biggest factors that set Zedpack apart is the customization of bags. Tell us your needs, and we will deliver what you have in mind. Our non-woven reusable bag range can be produced in any color, shape or size.

Also, you can get your logo and vision printed on these bags and make them unique. Let your brand shine with the bags that you offer to your customers. Get in touch with us, and we’ll help you create an everlasting image in the market.

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