Eco Friendly bags

Reusable shopping bags by Zedpack are ushering in a healthy trend to keep our Earth green

Eco Friendly bags Changing trends have made people aware of the advantages of using non-woven bags. A well-known packaging company in Delhi, we at Zedpack believe in becoming the leaders of change. True to our vision, we have an entire range of non-woven shopping bags for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.

Zedpack’s non-woven bags are not only uber-cool and trendy but also offer multiple benefits. Let’s have a look:

Environment-friendly: Zedpack’s non-woven shopping bags are made of polypropylene. The material does not harm the environment and is certainly better than paper or plastic. Although an argument of paper bags being recyclable comes across, the origin of paper is trees. This makes paper bags hazardous to the environment. Also, paper can be recycled to a maximum of three times.

Durable: Polypropylene is a fibrous material and the bags are made by bonding long and short fibers. This makes them strong and durable. The material does not tear easily; thereby making these bags last longer than their counterparts.

Reusable: Zedpack’s entire range consists of reusable bags. These non-woven bags can be used for many years before they lose strength.

Easy to store: Non-woven shopping bags can be easily folded and stored. They take very less space and therefore, offer hassle-free storage.

Multiple colors and sizes: Our non-woven bags are available in various trendy colors and different sizes. Based on your need, you can select the one that suits you the most. It doesn’t matter if you are a business or an individual; our range has something for everyone.

Branding tool: For a business to be successful, branding is an essential element. Non-woven bags are the perfect customizable branding platform. They can be easily printed with logos and business mottos that define your company’s vision. These bags can also be used in weddings and on other occasions.

Affordable: The biggest factor that defines the success of any product is its affordability. Our range of reusable bags is very affordable and will certainly fit well within your budget.

Zedpack believes in taking charge of the environment by bringing the essential innovation needed to conserve it. Our non-woven bag range is a small step towards realizing our goal.

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