Ideal replacement of a single-use plastic bag

What is the ideal replacement of a single-use plastic bag?

Ideal replacement of a single-use plastic bag Campaigns, social media outrage, and government bans have placed the negative aspects of single-use plastic bags under the spotlight. The environment is partially damaged and ecosystem unstable. With cow mortality rates on the rise and drain blockages leading to all sorts of diseases, plastic is the plague of the modern world. However, the question of every individual is, ‘If not plastic bags, then what?’

Here is the answer: Non-woven bags.

Zedpack, a Delhi-based packaging company, has come up with non-woven bags as a suitable alternative to single-use plastic bags. With the experience of almost 2 decades, Zedpack is the face of the battle to eliminate plastic bags.

The premier advantage of non-woven bags over plastic is that they can be destroyed. Non-woven bags burn without releasing soot and the leftovers are easily dissolved in the soil. This helps eliminate the problem of environmental damage, which is the primary point of concern with plastic bags.

According to experts at Zedpack, “Many people think that these bags are expensive in comparison to a plastic bag, but that is short term. For instance, a plastic bag of Re 1 is used twice or thrice and then disposed off in some manner. On the other hand, non-woven bags may cost Rs 10, but can be re-used at least 10-20 times for multiple purposes.” This is backed by the fact that these bags are more durable and reliable for carrying heavy stuff.

Apart from these features, non-woven bags can be customized as per the buyer’s whims. Various corporate companies have realized this and weaved a marketing strategy out of this feature. While it gives a new definition to the brand, it simultaneously spreads awareness about the presence of plastic’s counterpart.

Alternatives have always been present in the market, but the biggest reason for consistent plastic use is the habit of people. The common man should make it a point to carry their non-woven bags, every time they go out for groceries, vegetable shopping or any other daily activity.

The reason is simple: every time a different bag isn’t used, a single-use plastic bag is promoted.




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