Non Woven Bag By Zedpack

Why non-woven bags by Zedpack are a better bet than plastic and paper bags

The first thing that strikes our mind whenever we hear “eco-friendly bags”, is paper bags. That plastic is terrible for the environment is a fact known to all. Plastic bags are polluting our oceans, choking our wildlife and generally wreaking havoc on the ecosystem.
Paper bags have presented themselves as the solution to the pollution problem for decades now, but we rarely ask this critical question: Is paper actually better? The truth is, no, it’s not.

Paper does a lot of damage to the Earth as well, and every time we unthinkingly grab a few bags at the checkout stand, we contribute to that destruction. It’s time we learn the truth about the devil in disguise. Let’s take a look at some facts about paper bags:

•Paper bags don’t break down any faster than plastic in landfills. That’s because, while paper breaks down much faster under ideal conditions, landfills are not ideal for its decomposition. The lack of light and air means pretty much nothing decomposes, so paper and plastic are destined to spend equal amount of time there.

•Paper bags are bigger in size than their plastic counterparts, meaning that they take up more space in landfills. They are recycled at a higher rate, which mitigates that fact, however, this still means they extend a greater per-bag impact on landfills.

•It takes about four times as much energy to manufacture a paper bag, as it takes to manufacture a plastic one. The raw material for paper bags comes from trees, a natural resource that is otherwise carbon-fixing. Making paper bags not only adds waste to the world, it kills one of our greatest tools for fighting pollution ̶ trees.

With our illusion about the “goodness” of paper bags shattered, we decided to explore some alternatives to this tricky bag situation. Plastic bags were already off limits, so are paper bags. However, we found a much more viable and sustainable option in non-woven bags by manufacturers like Zedpack. Why? Because:

•Non-woven bags are reusable. This is a major advantage these bags have over paper bags, which can be used only once or twice, and are priced higher than non-woven bags.

•Because of their limited use, paper bags are ‘not so great’ means for brand advertising. However, reusability, durability and affordability makes non-woven bags by Zedpack a perfect choice for promoting business.

•Non-woven bags are much more customizable than paper bags. Available in various sizes and colors, these bags give you the option to choose the design and pattern that seems the fittest.

•Last but not the least, non-woven bags by Zedpack are eco-friendly. They burn without leaving any harmful residue, thus reducing the need to use plastic bags and/or paper bags.

Clearly, non-woven bags are a better bet than paper bags. What starts out as a mere choice of non-woven bags over other bags today could yield greater results through greater choices tomorrow. Start choosing the best, right away!

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