Zedpack bags for retail industry

Zedpack’s non-woven bags: Unique solution for all your retail needs

In our proliferating market, the need for bags is irrefutable. But as the government restricts the use of plastic bags, what are the options left for retailers? Non-woven bags are here as a better alternative.

Expected to dominate the packaging market, these bags will strip off retailers’ dependence on environmentally harmful plastic bags. Lightweight, sustainability, and durability are some of the qualities that come with non-woven bags. Coming in all shapes, and textures, these bags are easy to carry and durable enough to make multiple trips to the store.

The popularity of the more affordable yet durable, and customizable non-woven bags has risen over the years. Zedpack is adept in producing all types of non-woven bags to meet any design or pattern requirements. Outfitting the diverse needs of the market, they sell a range of woven grocery bags, wine bags, non-woven laminated bags, printed laminated pouch bags, non-woven fabric gift bags, HDPE PP woven sacks, and Bopp PP woven bags.

Ideal for all packaging and hauling needs, the non-woven bags do not just have better usability, but also infuse latest fashion fads, and trends. From the metallic tinges sweeping over the market to custom cut bags, Zedpack has all needs covered. Their products include non-woven laminated D-cut and Eco-metal loop handle bags. With their custom-prints, and convenient lugging, these bags are cost-effective, appealing, and also come with 100% virgin quality. Made from eco-friendly substances, they also possess high load-bearing quality.

Not just “carrying” items, with their vibrant and attention-grabbing bags, Zedpack doesn’t just stick to basic designs but brings innovation in every new product they offer. Emphasizing on how bags reflect a personality, they say “What a customer carries out of the store is the final indicator of his shopping experience. Shopping bags help the customers in making fashion statements, and add to their overall experience.”

Working in favor of both the vendors and the customers, the non-woven bags are a greener alternative. Their increasing preference is evident as according to market experts, demand for non-woven bags has gone up 20% after August last year. Therefore, with the rise in the environmentally aware audience, the non-woven bags is the future of packaging.

Non-woven bags are an ideal choice for every retailer irrespective of the nature of their business. Featuring uniqueness, and affordability, it is gradually replacing every other bag in the market.





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