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Customizable bags by Zedpack for every business: Devotional non-woven bags, box bags and more

Non-woven shopping bags have become the easiest way of carrying your belongings while shopping. A more durable and eco-friendly alternative to plastic and paper bags, non-woven bags are amazing for creating product and brand awareness. However, the differentiating factor for bags by Zedpack, one of the leading non-woven bags manufacturer in Delhi, lies in their versatility. We bring you 5 customizable bags by Zedpack for every business. Take a look:

  1. Non-woven D-Cut bags

Whether you own a jewelry shop, book shop, medical store or garment store – D-cut non-woven bags by Zedpack are perfectly suited for your business. Available in multiple sizes, colors and finishes, quality printing on these bags ensures that your business is promoted the right way.

  1. Non-Woven Box Bags

Ideal for carrying boxed products like gifts, shoes, garments, and electrical goods etc., non-woven box bags by Zedpack come in metalized, quilted and embossed finish to grab the attention that your brand deserves. The size, finish, color and design is customizable, so you can get the bag that suits your marketing needs the best.

  1. Shimmer non-woven bags

Available in a wide range of colors and sizes, Shimmer non-woven bags by Zedpack never fail to make a lasting impression. What’s more? These bags add the right amount of bling to your business promotion, making your brand name shine (quite literally).

  1. Non-woven bags for special occasions

Special occasions ask for special bags. Be it Valentine’s Week, Deepawali or the wedding season – there’s a custom-made non-woven bag by Zedpack for every occasion. Dedicated bags for festivities get your message heard in a more effective manner, etching your brand’s name for ever in your customers’ memories.

  1. Devotional non-woven bags

The latest addition to Zedpack’s wide range of offerings, devotional non-woven bags are ideal to showcase your brand’s spiritual connection on the occasion of Navratri. Puja supplies, Prasaad and religious souvenirs can be handed in Zedpack’s devotional non-woven bags.

With a wide and exclusive range of products, Zedpack has a non-woven bag for every business. To check out their latest collection, log on to zedpackonline.com

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