Zedpack’s Ecofriendly Non Woven
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The contemporary modern man is facing the biggest problem of the century – environmental degradation. This situation has worsened with the use of plastic bags. Plastic surrounds us in different forms and there is no doubt that it has become an essential part of our lifestyle. We all are aware about the effects of plastic on our lives- it is a form of cancer which effects not only the environment but human health as well.

Plastic bags pollute our land, water bodies, require energy to be produced and the biggest drawback is they are non-renewable. As we plan to move towards a sustainable, green and eco-friendly lifestyle it is essential to not only look for the causes but also dig deeper in order to find the solutions to fix the problem. It is needless to say, that it is only through effective actions we can constructively change the world. To adopt a lifestyle which is different, more conscious and based on zero-waste policy requires a movement. That movement will only be successful if we walk together on the path of sustainability.

One such way could be replacement of plastic bags, although we understand that plastic bags are light weight, easily available and some-what ‘convenient’ but as the debates around environment conversation are increasing we need to switch to responsible consumption. There are a lot of alternatives which are available in the market like using canvas bags or non-woven bags. These bags are durable alternatives to plastic bags.

Company, like ZEDPACK which is based in Delhi, provides you with such options which are stronger, more durable and affordable. The non-woven shopping bags manufacture by us  are trendy and undoubtedly versatile. What makes ZEDPACK a more attractive option is their approach towards providing their customers the option to customize their bags. This adds some color to the green way of life which they are aiming to work towards. Their initiative adds up to the environment and they deliver the customers with well-structured, convenient to carry and sturdy non-woven bags. This alternative can help you switch to green life.

Many reusable bags have no defined shape, however, the non-woven bags by ZEDPACK, given their design and space, can accommodate heavy products without any discomfort while you are attempting to carry them. Moreover, with the handles that are of strong build, you can hold it with your hand or throw it over your shoulders in case you are carrying heavy items.

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