The ideology of Zedpack Private Limited is synonymous with innovation and creativity in premium non-woven shopping and packaging bags.Each bag is manufactured from non-woven fabricthat meets the highest standard set by the industry .

Zedpack believes in giving back to the Earth, and thebags are an extension of our Green approach. With 20 many years of being the industry leader, we understandwhat’s best suited for all your business needs. Our facilities are well-equipped to develop the exact prototypes thatyou have been searching for.

Serve the client:

Zedpack Private Limited is committed to serve the clients, and help them in achieving their packaging goals. Moreover, our product packaging goes through different levels of quality checks, before we actually handover the final product.Besides, Zedpack also promises to keep your packaging design safe, and unique from the prototypes available in the market.Furthermore, we also deliver you a sample before the actual production begins, ensuring the best quality output.

Support the employee:

We understand the value employees bring to our table. We provide the best opportunities that can help them in their personal and professional growth. Besides, Zedpack follows the principle of ‘Division of Work’and ‘Esprit De Corps’.It implies we distribute equal amount of work amongst our employees and work together as team. Unity is Zedpack’s strength’.

Becoming the leaders of change:

The company’s ideology to become the leaders of change separates it from others. Zedpack Private Limited with more than two decades of experience, understands that to see change in the world, it is important that all of us contribute equally in protecting the environment. Becoming a leader is not easy. Nonetheless, the company’s vision to eliminate plastic has driven change among the mentality of people, and it proudly continues to do so.