The new bespoke bags by ZEDPACK will ease you from the hassle

Make Your Relatives Feel Special with Zedpack’s non-woven gifts exchange bags

India is a land of festivals and in addition to celebrations and poojas, gifts exchange is also an integral part of our country. The festive season keeps us swamped with shopping, preparations and squeezing in time for gift wrapping just adds to the tight schedule. It is undeniably an essence of our beautiful culture but at times, the task can be time consuming. The new bespoke bags by ZEDPACK will ease you from the hassle of gift wrapping and give you more elbow room for other tasks.

Gifting others in those custom-made bags might be different from what is usually deemed conventional. But the benefits of using these bags over the traditional gift wrapper are not to be overlooked.

Given the strength of the non-woven bags by ZEDPACK, your concern over getting the gifts spilled or damaged is taken care of. Further, get these bags customised or even inscribe a personal note on it and your relatives will be grinning from ear to ear.

Gifting others the traditional way may seem like we are merely doing it out of obligation. But using these customised non-woven bags will make the recipients feel special. It thus holds an emotional value as well and can be kept as a memento unlike the traditional gift wrappers which are ultimately being discarded.

In India, “festival is around the corner” is an often-used phrase because each festival is followed by the next. If you are a business owner, these festive occasions can be an opportunity for you to lure more customers. Zedpack offers a wide range of non-woven bags based on occasions, be it valentines week, Raksha bandhan, Deepawali etc. The original packaging of factory can be plain and unappealing. Offering your products in short-lived paper and plastic bags is too ordinary. Using the assortment of exclusive non-woven bags by Zedpack is one way to make your customers feel about you differently. To add to the uniqueness, you can choose from the myriad of bag materials such as shimmery, metallic or embossed, and customise them to any size or colour.

These bags are beneficial not only for their durability and longer shelf-life, their reusability ensures less paper and plastic wastes as well. They are the kind of bags you might not regret buying for sure!

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