How do we make a shopping bag?

Designing a shopping bag

Design is the first impression that attracts you. We, at Zedpack, provide appealing print designs that reflect the identity of your brand. We construct communication around them and say why your brand is the best. Each shopping bag by Zedpack is made from premium non-woven fabric that is environment-friendly, and lets you become a Green Superhero.

Our team of experts works on building the exact prototype you want. With the best experts of the industry, Zedpack provides a premium range of shopping bags with designs that are totally out-of-the-box. We understand the value of brand, and promise to keep your exclusive design safe with us.


Finally, we deliver the bags to you. It is time to open your box of happiness, and start spreading your awareness about your brand. Besides making an impact with your ‘Earth Conscious’ bag, it will also impress those who carry it. What’s more, the people who now walk out of your store are your live advertisers, with the premium range of bags in their hands.

Inspection of Quality control

Our non-woven fabrics go through various phases of inspection before it finally reaches you. It involves finding out whether the fabric will provide the same solution that you are looking for, if the design meets the output we are expecting, if the printed design matches your brand’s intended communication, and whether the quality is matching the norms set by the industry or not.

Lamination and slitting of a bag

Lamination is our next step, which improves the quality of non-woven fabric. At Zedpack, we offer lamination that provides higher stiffness, and greater clarity for unprinted laminated structure. In fact, the adhesive (liquids) we use turns into gases, decreasing the solvent retention. What’s more, a proper temperature helps shorten the curing time.

Our bags are characterized by their durability, and water resistance, with a touch of elegance that you can’t miss.

After lamination, we slit the non-woven fabrics according to the dimension stated by you and convert it into your favourite designer shopping bag.

Forming a bag

The conversion of non-woven fabric to a bag is done in two ways ,i.e., using the automatic machine, which uses the ultra-sonic heat seal technology, or using the stitching machine that sews the fabrics and transforms it into a bag.

At Zedpack, we use ultra-sonic heat seal technology, which enables us to reduce the costs and product waste, while providing strong product protection for your bag. The technology also enables us to produce eco-sustainable bags, thus offer our crucial benefits to Mother Nature. What’s more, with our technology, we minimize the risk of diminished seam quality and leakage by using high frequency vibrations that remove product residues.

Packaging and warehousing

After we process your designer bags, we pack them and deliver it to our warehouse. Our team ensures that your bags are not directly exposed to any sort of moisture, and stay protected from moth.

Inspection-Quality check

The same team at warehouse, for the one last time, goes through a series of quality checks before packaging the premium non-woven bags in corrugated boxes. It involves finding out, whether your bag is in the condition we expect it to be, and completely fulfil all your requirements or not.

Choose success, choose Zedpack!