The usage of shopping bags is much more than a mere marketing gimmick many people assume it to be. With various means available such as extortionate advertisements and social media ad campaigns, shopping bags have also secured a safe spot for themselves in the marketing domain. They are one of the best ways to promote your business straight into people’s homes. Having all facets associated with branding such as logo, product details, etc, they are undeniably a great marketing tool.

For those seeking for sustainable and effective marketing solutions to pull up their businesses, customised Non Woven shopping bags manufacturers like ZEDPACK’s have come as a boon. Listed below are some of the amazing benefits of using these bags to promote your brand.

Brand awareness:

Shopping bags inevitably creates brand awareness. Your customers, by donning the attractive bag with your brand logo, they can grab attention of passers-by and friends. Hence, you won’t have to be vocal in order to promote your brand.


Reusable bags like ZEDPACK’s non-woven bags are better for the environment than the in efficacious plastic bags. And by distributing your good in such bags, you are not only catering to the customers but also curbing the detrimental effects plastic bags pose on the environment.


One of the major pros of using shopping bags is their affordability. Customised non-woven shopping bags are the most cost-effective marketing tool which come at reasonable price and are yet attractive.

Choosing the right shopping bag is undeniably an effective marketing tool for any company. In today’s business environment, consumers are getting less brand loyal, the reason being the availability of plethoric options in the market to choose from. Hence, they try products of one brand and move on to the next.


Are you using the right marketing tool to create brand awareness?

You may be trying all possible ways to advertise your brand and raise awareness among people by distributing pamphlets, launching campaigns and spending lots of money on marketing and still your sales might still be plummeting. This is because you are not adopting the foremost marketing tool which is shopping bags. Non-woven bag manufacturers like ZEDPACK  produce such bags that are apt for brand marketing.

The significance of packaging doesn’t simply end at protecting your goods and giving an ‘oomph’ factor to your brand. In fact, many marketers take it as a burden. In the name of marketing, they follow the clichéd way of printing the long list of their products’ features and benefits upon the shopping bags. Well, but no customer has the time and interest to go through the exhaustive list.

Adopting the right method will help your business grow and increase its sales. Some of the ways in which you can make use of Shopping bags for marketing are as follows:

Emotional connection with customers:

With the advent of digital printing technology, the value of packaging as a marketing tool has increased. You can build an emotional connection with your customers by getting personalized messages inscribed on occasions and festivals. The non-woven shopping bags by packaging companies like ZEDPACK allow you to print a message upon them so that you can build a stronger bond with your customers.

Showcase your brand value:

You ought to have a thorough understanding of what your brand stands for and the key value of your brand that sets it apart from your competitors. If your brand is centered on cosmetic products, you might want to get something printed on your shopping bags that represents femininity. If your brand promotes green environment, you might want to adhere to distributing products in non-woven shopping bags because these are viable alternatives to plastic bags.

Attracting your customers through bags:

Many customers tend to get attracted towards those brands that have fine packaging. One of the major reasons why big brands like Dior and Glossier run so well is because of their attractive shopping bags that make them look more like gifts. This gives customers a thrilling experience while taking out their purchased goods at home. The non-woven shopping bags by ZEDPACK are attractive and stylish, giving an ‘oomph’ factor to your brand and helping you attract more customers.